Sunday, February 05, 2012

River sketch

Kevin Turcotte
8 x 10 inches
oil on panel
This is the Los Angeles river in all it's natural beauty. I painted it while standing in the river basin, on a slight rise of concrete. While I painted I noticed an old man walking up the shore of the river, reaching into the water and pitching things up onto the concrete bank. He seemed surprised to see me, but continued on. Walking, stooping to grab in the water, and throwing things onto the bank. Minutes after he passed I suddenly noticed water flowing under my feet -- under my paint box and under my tripod bag, all resting flat on the concrete. Somehow he had diverted the flow of the river, causing me to beat a hasty retreat. So if this has a less finished air than most of my work, it's thanks to an old guy trying to clean up the LA river.

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